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Everybody has got a story to tell. You don’t have to be famous to live an interesting life. There is so much you could tell your children and grandchildren, but somehow there never seems to be the time. And sometimes you wonder what they will remember.

Have you ever told them what it was like to grow up where and when you did? Do they know what your parents looked like? That grandchild that has a talent for maths, does she know she inherited that from your mother? And the son with the green fingers, does he realise that your father had an allotment where he grew the biggest and best cucumbers in the area? Does your family know how loved you were as a teacher or how you worked your way up from an apprentice to the owner of a company? And the town you all live in, do they have any idea how that has changed during your life-time? The wisdom you have acquired, the lessons you have learned: it would be such a waste if all of that just disappears. So many stories you could tell. And now you have the time to tell them. But they have busy lives and not always time to sit down and listen.



That is where Lifebooks comes in. We do listen. As long as you want and need. Then we write down what you have told us. And we spend time taking beautiful photographs, and going through your own photographs and other material to see what you think would be interesting to publish. Then we make a book. Hard-cover, with as many pages as you want. A book that you can give to your family and friends. A book that will be on their shelves forever. So even your great-grandchildren will know who you were. And where they came from. It will be a lasting document of your life. Something of great value.




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